Terms & Conditions

Once the charter date or dates are reserved a deposit of two hundred twenty ($220.00) dollars U.S. funds is due in cash, check, cashier's check or money order for each charter reserved. Deposits not sent in a timely manner may result in the loss of the reserved date or dates. If the required deposit is not received within seven (7) days from the date the reservation was originally made the charter date or dates reserved may be re-booked by Great Lakes Fishing Charters LLC (GLFC) at its' option. Payment for the balance owing is due by cash, check, cashier's check, or money order in U.S funds prior to the start of the charter.

The individual making the reservation(s) is the responsible party for payment of the charter and any other costs. The responsible party reserving dates in the name of a business, charity, alias, or other name, is responsible to provide payment on their behalf. Additionally, individuals invited to participate in the activities of the charter are guests of the responsible party that reserved the charter and have no legal standing.

A charter confirmation letter, and additional charter information will be emailed to the responsible party or mailed (USPS) to the physical address on the charter reservation(s) if an email address was not included on the charter reservation. Furthermore, the responsible party shall update contact information in a timely manner should any change in contact information previously supplied to GLFC take place.

Boating fishing and other activities aboard a boat are physically demanding. Each guest is personally responsible to decide if they are physically capable of participating in this type of activity. Contact Great Lakes Fishing Charters LLC to discuss any special needs.

Safety is the consideration. All decisions regarding safety and or weather conditions will be made by the Captain at the starting time of the charter. Occasionally a charter may need to be postponed by Great Lakes Fishing Charters LLC (GLFC) due to weather conditions or circumstances arising from events beyond our control. Should a charter be shortened do to safety concerns, circumstances arising from events beyond our control, changing weather or sea state conditions: GLFC will make every effort to get you back on the water once the conditions improve and/or the safety issue resolves. In the event your charter is shortened and the balance of your charter was postponed due to continuing safety concerns, weather concerns, circumstances arising from events beyond our control, or lack of available time remaining, the charter time remaining will be scheduled for an alternate date. If your charter was postponed prior to leaving dock it will be rescheduled. If your charter was postponed prior to leaving the dock and alternate dates ((three (3) minimum)) are unavailable from GLFC you may reschedule for a similar charter or a different type of charter from an alternate port as may be available from GLFC at a later date in the same calendar year. Should you choose a similar charter or a different charter the cost of the rescheduled charter will be adjusted to reflect the change in cost if any. If alternate dates ((three (3) minimum)) are unavailable and you choose to not reschedule for an alternate port you may at your option request a refund of your deposit.

Under certain circumstances GLFC may offer to reschedule your charter prior to the start of your charter due to fishing conditions and/or concerns for your comfort. Should you choose to reschedule under this option in lieu of fishing the deposit amount will be applied as a credit for a future charter only, without refund.

Once your charter is scheduled and the required deposit is received within seven (7) days the price quoted at the time the reservation was made will be guaranteed for the charter date reserved. Thirty (30) day advance notice of cancellation or change of charter date is required from the responsible party in writing for a refund of the deposit. However, on shorter (29 -15 day) notice GLFC will refund the deposit once the charter date you the customer wish to cancel or reschedule has been rebooked and the deposit received. Customers cancelling or rescheduling fourteen days (14) or less prior to the charter date are responsible to pay for the cost of the charter or charters they are cancelling or rescheduling. GLFC will attempt to reschedule the charter or charters you wish to cancel. A refund of your deposit would be available once the charter date or dates you the customer wish to cancel are rebooked and the deposit for the rebooked date or dates is received by GLFC. Charter customers making a request to reschedule and giving a fourteen (14) day notice or less will be required to send payment for the charter date(s) they are cancelling and payment for the new and/or rescheduled date.

A non-refundable twenty ($20.00) booking fee will apply to any and all cancellations and or refund requests.

The party booking the charter is responsible to share all the charter information and the "Terms and Condition of Sale" with every guest they have invited on the charter.

It is agreed by the responsible party that any and all costs incurred by Great Lakes Fishing Charters LLC to collect money due under the afore detailed terms and conditions, including the charter contract cost become a burden to be immediately paid to Great Lakes Fishing Charters LLC. Terms and conditions may be changed at any time by GLFC at it sees fit. Furthermore, it is agreed that business is conducted in the Charter Township of Shelby, in the County of Macomb, in the State of Michigan, U.S.A.

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