Lake St. Clair (Perch)

June 14th - October 29th

Two Charters Daily
5-hour trip AM & PM
Seven days a week (weather permitting)

1 - 4 people: $469
5 people: $549
6 people: $629

Call for reservations and to check for available dates!

Lake St. Clair has an average depth of around 17 feet and an abundance of patchy weed beds throughout its’ 400+ square miles of surface area which provide outstanding conditions for a widely distributed perch population. Perch school more heavily at certain times of the year based on what food is available to them and water temperature. While minnows comprise the bulk of their diet for parts of the year, soft shell crayfish are the bulk of their diet at others times during the year. Prior to the fish fly hatch the aquatic fish fly larva (the wiggler) is a feast upon which they gorge themselves. Summer fishing for perch is usually good but you may not be as selective on size if you want to take home an abundant catch. In September the days grow noticeably shorter, the weather and water grow cooler, and the perch fishing gets better and better for bigger perch. We prefer September and October for perch fishing on Lake St. Clair.

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