Lake St. Clair (Bass)

June 17th - October 29th

Two Charters Daily
5-hour trip AM & PM
Seven days a week (weather permitting)

1 - 4 people: $499
5 people: $599
6 people: $699

Call for reservations and to check for available dates!

Lake St. Clair is regularly listed among the top 10 lakes in the nation for small mouth bass and has received the title of #1 small bass lake several times in the last decade. This is world class fishing. Lake St. Clair has an abundant food web for bass. Having an average depth of around 17 feet and an abundance of patchy weed beds for cover, bass grow fat feeding on a wide range of food items. While minnows, perch and other small fish comprise the bulk of their diet for part of the season, soft shell crayfish are the bulk of their diet at others times during the year. Prior to the fish fly hatch the aquatic fish fly larva (the wiggler) is an added feast. Summer fishing for bass is usually the best with June standing out as a prime time. Most years' small mouth bass are still in "bedding" areas with eight to twelve feet of water depth during June. While bass fishing is good throughout the summer, we prefer June and early July for bass fishing on Lake St. Clair.

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