St. Clair River (Walleye)

May 2nd - October 29th

Two Charters Daily
5-hour trip AM & PM
Seven days a week (weather permitting)

1 - 4 people: $499
5 people: $599
6 people: $699

Call for reservations and to check for available dates!

The St. Clair River is the preferred location to fish the spring walleye run in May and June. The walleye fishery expands and changes as spring progresses toward summer. Vast numbers of the walleye that started out in the Detroit River now move north to find their preferred water temperature in the St. Clair River where they will join the millions of walleyes already in the St. Clair River. The driving factor at this time of the year becomes water temperature and the abundance of minnows in the St. Clair River.

Why the difference between the St. Clair River and the Detroit River? As water flows from deeper colder Lake Huron to the St. Clair River, then to much shallower Lake St. Clair and finally the Detroit River the water warms up at a much faster rate in shallower Lake St. Clair. Since Lake St. Clair feeds the warmer water to the Detroit River it is both a blessing and a curse. After “ice out” in March this warming is a benefit for the Detroit River, however by early May this increased rate of warming pushes the walleye north to the St. Clair River to find cooler (preferred) spawning temperatures for many more weeks.

What determines where our boats are docked for the spring walleye run? It’s all about the quality of the fishing. The amenities at the marinas are then reviewed to find the nicest facility available. The Detroit River has many marinas and boat launches which is good and bad news. The “downriver” sections of the Detroit River have more boat launches. Boat traffic “downriver” can be extreme and take much of the fun out of a day on the water. The Upper Detroit River has less boat traffic due to the limited number of boat launches and marinas. The water quality, lighter boat traffic, and the abundance of gravel for spawning walleye make the middle and upper Detroit River our first choice for April and early May. By early May the Detroit River water temperature is too warm for the walleyes to spawn which is what pushes them north to the St. Clair River. The St. Clair River is excellent in April. (The Detroit River can be even better in April.) Come May the balance tips to the St. Clair River having the biggest population of walleyes. April, May, and June walleye fishing on the St. Clair River is outstanding. Many groups choose the St. Clair River as their preferred destination based on May’s warmer weather. Both the Detroit River and the St. Clair River have world-class walleye fishing.

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