Lake St. Clair (Walleye)

May 2nd - October 29th

Two Charters Daily
5-hour trip AM & PM
Seven days a week (weather permitting)

1 - 4 people: $499
5 people: $599
6 people: $699

Call for reservations and to check for available dates!

Lake St. Clair sees an influx of walleye starting in May and June. While walleye fishing usually on Lake St. Clair takes second seat to the St. Clair River and Detroit River walleye fishing most of the year, a good push of walleye is typically found on Lake St. Clair in later July and August along the freighter channel that bisects the lake. The walleye fishery expands and changes as spring progresses toward summer. Vast numbers of the walleye that were previously in the Detroit River in April now move between Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River. Most days fishing for walleyes on Lake St. Clair will bring a mixed catch which include small mouth bass, perch and the occasional musky or northern pike. In the fall walleye start congregating at the base of Lake St. Clair near the head of the Detroit River. During October walleye fishing rivals the spring walleye fishing but is not fished by nearly as many boats. Trolling or drifting, the techniques of choice for summer walleye fishing, gives way to vertical jigging which is the preferred technique in the fall.

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