Lake Huron (Salmon & Trout)

May 17th - October 23rd

Two Charters Daily
5-hour trip AM & PM
Seven days a week (weather permitting)

1 - 4 people: $549
5 people: $659
6 people: $769

Call for reservations and to check for available dates!

Lake Huron has developed into a multi-species lake. Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon have been planted in the southern portion of Lake Huron for several years now. Coho Salmon is being planted again. The Atlantic Salmon is doing well and return to the harbors at Port Sanilac and Lexington in good numbers each fall to spawn. The Steelhead and Lake Trout fishing has been strong for quite some time now. Coho Salmon and King Salmon are planted by Ontario and add to our catch. The Atlantic Salmon is long lived like Steelhead and will return for several years to spawn each fall. During the spring, summer, and fall Atlantic Salmon are caught along with Steelhead, Coho Salmon, King Salmon, and Lake Trout. Additionally, with the Walleye population throughout the system at an all-time record high, southern Lake Huron Walleye fishing has been getting better every year. Lake Huron gets deep quickly as we travel offshore. This is a huge advantage over many other ports where much longer distances need to be traveled before lines can be set to catch the types of fish we are targeting. Whether we are fishing for walleyes in warmer water or salmon and trout in colder water we never have to travel offshore very far to find the water temperature the various species prefer. This allows for more fishing time and less travel time on each fishing charter.

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