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The waters off the tip of Michigan’s thumb are a fish magnet. The reefs north of the Port Austin are a fish magnet. The Port Austin area offers good to great fishing for Lake Trout from May through September. Year after year this is the most consistent fishery for lake Trout of any port on the Great Lakes. The shallower water of Saginaw Bay to the southwest of Port Austin is a baitfish nursery. During much of the season the reefs at the very tip of the thumb are home to these baitfish and the Lake Trout that feed on them. We have seen a resurgence in the numbers of smelt, emerald shiners and other schools of baitfish over the last couple of years. Lake Trout, Steelhead, Brown Trout, and even some Salmon feast on the near shore schools of bait moving around in the warming spring water. Add to this the abundance of gobies which the Lake Trout have developed a taste for and fishing is excellent by early May.  While we do have several species of fish in this part of Lake Huron, it is the Lake Trout that make this fishery shine from May through September. We bring one of our boats to Port Austin around July 1st each year for a short stop over after fishing walleyes on Lake Erie and before the salmon fishing comes on strong on Lake Michigan. We will continue to offer charters all season long from Port Austin aboard one of our associate captains boats. This Lake Trout fishery is “world class” boasting one of the best catch rates per charter of any port on the Great Lakes.  Success Guaranteed.

There are a number of campgrounds, sandy beaches, motels, shops and restaurants within walking distance of our dock in downtown Port Austin. Every summer weekend boosts an event or festival somewhere is the thumb area. During the 4th of July week fireworks can be found most every night at one of the nearby towns or villages. Port Austin has their fireworks on July 4th.



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June 1 - September 30, 2017

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