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Meet Captain Eric

Captain Eric Stuecher has been fishing and cruising the Great Lakes for over 30 years. He is licensed by the United States Coast Guard as a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer being awarded the title “Master of Steam and Motor Vessel of not more than 100 gross Registered Tons Upon Great Lakes and Inland Waters”.  He is certified without restriction for both day and night operations. This is one of the highest ratings available.

Captain Eric started fishing as a young kid and can remember when Coho Salmon were first introduced to the Great Lakes. Since that time he has had the opportunity to fish all of the Great Lakes along with most of the big rivers that flow into them. Along the way he learned to fish for perch, walleye, bass, musky, steelhead, and then salmon. He wasn’t always a charter captain, but was headed in that direction since purchasing his first boat when he graduated from school.

After years of fishing Captain Eric started Great Lakes Fishing Charters in 1995. As a fisherman he knew that nothing can ruin a day of fishing more quickly that junk equipment or an unreliable, worn out boat. Everyone has heard stories of breakdowns or lost fish. That thought set the direction for the boats and equipment we would use for the charter service.

Capt Eric is active with issues affecting the Great Lakes. The introduction and subsequent propagation of exotic species continue to be the most important issue regarding the future of the Great Lakes. Water quality, water levels, water access, fish plants, season and size restrictions are also important issues today. One of the least understood local issues continues to be one now known as homeland security. Membership in organizations like National Association of Charter Boat Operators, Michigan Charter Boat Association, and Michigan Steelheaders and Salmon Fisherman’s Association are more important than ever in protecting water resources.

Many of our children are absorbed in video games and computers while missing out on the natural world that we are all a part of. Not that the electronic world doesn’t have a value. It’s just that there needs to be a better balance than most of our youngster have day to day. You can’t live on e-mails and video games. They leave you thirsty and don’t taste very good no matter how you try to cook them. Living in the chemical world we do today; protecting our natural resources is important for the well being of our children during their lifetime. As trustees of the future we need to do our children a big favor and help them reconnect with the outdoors. Only then will our natural resources and our future truly be protected.


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