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April 2nd - May 9th

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The Detroit River is known nationwide for it’s incredible spring walleye fishing. As soon as the river is ice free sometime in March it is time to fish for walleyes. In warm years with an early spring the walleye fishing is good by mid March. By early April the walleye run is in full swing regardless of the weather. Excellent walleye fishing continues in the river well into June. The best months year after year are April and May.  Limit catches are typical on the Detroit River this time of the year. 

We put a new boat into service in 2007 just for the walleye fishing. After much consideration we selected a 22’ Center Console made by Twin Vee. The boat is pictured on the home page of our website. This catamaran style hull is the most stable fishing platform we found. The boat has been equipped with all of the required safety equipment and more. All of the safety systems have a backup. Two marine band radios, two depth finders, two chart plotters, two GPS receivers, two bilge pumps, two trolling motors and twin 115 HP Suzuki outboard engines for added safety. We even installed a radar which allows us to track the weather over 40 miles away from the boat. The center console design allows for 360 degrees of unobstructed fish-ability. With over 15 feet of open space down each side of the boat it is easy for six fisherman (three per side) to jig for walleyes without tangling lines. The center console layout also has a bathroom for your comfort while on the water.  In cooler weather the boat is rigged with strata glass curtains from the bow deck to the front of the T-Top. These curtains become a wind shield for everyone onboard. No one has fun fishing when they are cold or wet. We just want you to catch lots of fish and be comfortable while doing it.

The preferred technique for catching walleye on the river during the spawning run in the spring continues to be “vertical jigging”. With a rod in hand you push the thumb bar on the reel to drop a weighted jig to the bottom. Once the jig hits the bottom you lift the rod tip a few inches and drop the jig to the bottom again. This ’twitching” action proves irresistible to the walleye. The technique is easy to learn, so everyone enjoys the success of catching fish. Since we fish daily we stay on top of the colors and patterns the walleyes want to eat. We supply quality rods, reels, and the bait, so you don’t have to worry about having the right tackle. The baits, tackle, and quality rods and reels are supplied for you to use at no extra charge.

When you charter with us you will receive personal attention and instruction from the captain. We are glad to bait lines and take fish off the hooks so that you can keep busy catching fish. Limit catches are typical this time of the year on the Detroit River.

During the later part of May walleyes start migrating to the west end of Lake Erie. By June there are as many walleye in Lake Erie as there are on the Detroit River. This makes for excellent fishing in both locations. Knowing that a June heat wave would tip the balance for the best location in favor of Lake Erie we chose to move to Brest Bay Marina in the Monroe area of Lake Erie around June 1st.  The walleye fishing on Lake Erie in June is nothing short of spectacular.

When we fish on Lake Erie the preferred technique is to troll for walleyes. We are equipped to run as many as 16 rods. Most days we find it hard to keep more than 6 or 8 rods in the water as the fish bite faster than we get rods reset. Limit catches are typical both on the Detroit River from mid March into June and from late May into July on Lake Erie. See our Lake Erie page for more about summer walleye fishing.

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