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Charter Etiquette

Charter fishing is a great way to enjoy the company of friends, the outdoors, and build memories that will last a lifetime, while catching the wide variety of fish that thrive in the Great Lakes.  Your Captain is responsible for your safety while onboard the charter boat. Your activities can help insure a safe voyage and a pleasurable experience for all aboard.

Clothing & Gear: Weather changes. Some warm days turn cool. Some cold days get hot. Extra clothing and  rain or wind gear is a good idea. A duffel bag works well to store extra cloths and jackets for you whole group until they are needed. You will only miss what you didn't bring with you..  

Food & Beverage: Bring what you need in the way of food, beverage and snacks. Just remember that this is a one day adventure, not a two week vacation. Most groups consume only a small portion of the food they bring onboard. A tote bag or smaller cooler work's well for food and snacks not requiring refrigeration. A seperate cooler for beverages and cold foods is a good idea. Melt water from ice has made for alot of soggy food. Zip-Lock bags or watertight containers work well to keep cold food dry. A little pre-planning can help avoid the clutter of "carry on" bags and loose items which invariably end up under foot on the deck. Glass containers and bottles pose a significant risk on board and are to be avoided. Plastic containers and cans work much better.

Alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic beverages are allowed on boats in Michigan. Check with your captain regarding his policy. Safety is always the first concern, so,... moderation is the key while on the water.

Controlled substances: The United States Coast Guard has a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession and / or use of drugs aboard any commercial vessel. Violation is a serious federal offense. Don't even think about crossing this line aboard a charter boat. It could ruin your next 5 to 10 years. Prescription drugs if needed should be brought aboard in the original prescription container clearly showing the patients name and contents.

Foot wear: Every once in a while someone comes aboard with their work shoes or boots. Oil, grease, tar, printing inks, paints, mud, etc., create a significant cleaning issue or worse if the stains can not be removed. Soft soled, non-marking shoes or boots should be the only footwear worn on a charter.

Motion sickness: Most people know if they have a tendency for motion sickness. Be considerate of the other people in your group by taking the necessary steps ahead of time to avoid becoming sea sick. If you find that you don't feel "quite right" while on the water; don't wait to see if it goes away on its own. Let the Captain know right away. He will most likely have some suggestions that will help.

Tobacco: Many people smoke; many people don't. Ask your captain about the boat policy. Most times smoking is allowed in the open area of the boat, but not in the cabin area. A plastic pop bottle with a screw on cap filled with a couple ounces of water works well for ashes and cigarette butts. Under no circumstances should cigarette butts be thrown in the trash can aboard the boat or into the lake.

Arrival Time: Arrive on time and prepared. (Yes, you should have already purchased your fishing license.) It is not necessary to arrive early. Your captain will have the boat "set-up" and ready at the time of your charter. It won't take but a couple of minutes to load your gear and board the vessel. Many days there will be a charter before or after your trip. Don't expect the captain to be able to extend his day because you were late.

Tipping: Tipping is customary but not an absolute. Here are some questions to consider as you decide on tipping. Was the charter "better" than expected? Better than other charters you have taken? Were you made to feel more like family than customers? Did the captain put you on fish? Lot's of fish? Were your fish cleaned and packaged for you? Did the captain extend the length of your charter at no extra charge? Does "tipping" feel like the right thing to do?   

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