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About GLFC

Great Lakes Fishing Charters has been serving fisher-men, women and children for over 10 years. Our business continues to grow through referrals and repeat business. Many of our customers have fished with us for years and become valued friends.

Fishing is a lot like real estate: It’s all about location.  One of the first things every fisherman learns is that fish have an agenda which causes them to move over time from one place to another. This change can be seasonal, caused by wind, changing water temperature, the movement of the bait they feed on, or the instinct to spawn. Most of the water in a lake is devoid of fish. Experience and research are the tools that help build the pictures of where and when to find the kind of fish you are looking to catch. Ever wonder why you can fish aboard a charter boat, catch fish and then go out yourself and not be as successful. It’s all a matter of understanding the water and the habits of the fish you are targeting. Experience and understanding make it possible to catch fish day after day.

There are enough fish out there for everyone. Some captains may not agree, but look at it this way. Success breeds success. If we help you become a better fisherman, you will remember in a good way, and ultimately we will benefit too. Even a charter captain can have a tough day on the water. It sure is nice to have other captains and fisherman to talk to on the water if needed. After all everyone wants to catch fish. That’s what makes chartering so popular. Putting our customers on fish is what keeps Great Lakes Fishing Charters growing.

Captain Eric started fishing as a young kid and can remember when Coho Salmon were first introduced to the Great Lakes. Since that time he has had the opportunity to fish all of the Great Lakes along with most of the big rivers that flow into them. Along the way he learned to fish for perch, walleye, bass, musky, steelhead, and then salmon. He wasn’t always a charter captain, but was headed in that direction since purchasing his first boat when he graduated from school.

After years of fishing Captain Eric started Great Lakes Fishing Charters in 1995. As a fisherman he knew that nothing can ruin a day of fishing more quickly that junk equipment or an unreliable, worn out boat. Everyone has heard stories of breakdowns or lost fish. That thought set the direction for the boats and equipment we would use for the charter service.

Our primary boat is “hooked” a 30’ LOA Baha Cruisers Sportfisherman with twin inboard engines. The layout of this boat is as near to perfect as we have found for fishing. The deck is open and flat. Engines are fully below deck so there are no exposed engine boxes to stumble around. There are no steps in the fishing area. The flush deck extends from the transom forward to the dinette and helm area. A 10-˝’ beam and open floor plan leave plenty of room for a group of six fisherman. The sides of the boat are nice and high for a secure feeling with children on board. The electronics package on this boat is awesome. We have  rigged this boat to run as many as 16 rods. Whether you are fighting a fish in the back of the boat or relaxing in the dinette area you are never more than a few steps away from the next pole to catch a fish. “Hooked” also has a hardtop over the dinette and helm; a nice feature when you have had to much sun on the hot days. On cooler days we run cabin heaters for added comfort. The forward cabin has a private head (bathroom) for your comfort on the water.

We added a new boat “hooked again” primarily for walleye, perch and bass fishing. After much consideration we selected a 22’ Center Console made by Twin Vee. This catamaran style hull is the most stable fishing platform we found. The boat has been equipped with all of the required safety equipment and more. All of the safety systems have a backup. Two marine band radios, two depth finders, two chart plotters, two GPS receivers, two bilge pumps, two trolling motors and twin 115 HP Suzuki outboard engines for added safety. We even installed a radar which allows us to track the weather over 40 miles away from the boat. The center console design allows for 360 degrees of unobstructed fish-ability. With over 15 feet of open space down each side of the boat it is easy for six fisherman (three per side) to jig for walleyes without tangling lines. It has also become a great boat for perch fishing, trolling spring Brown Trout in the shallows or trolling for Salmon when they stage near river mouths before their spawning runs. The center console layout also has a bathroom for your comfort while on the water.  In cooler weather the boat is rigged with strata glass curtains from the bow deck to the front of the T-Top. These curtains become a wind shield for everyone onboard. No one has fun fishing when they are cold or wet. We just want you to catch lots of fish and be comfortable while doing it.

Safety is our first priority. We are licensed, insured and inspected. We have gone well beyond the USCG & MDNR requirements. Whether you fish with us aboard “hooked” or “hooked again”  you will find the boats have been equipped with all the required safety equipment and much more. For this reason all the safety systems have a backup. Two marine band radios, two GPS receivers for navigation, multiple chart plotters and displays, twin bilge pumps and twin engines. Radars have been installed on both vessels to track weather and for navigation in limited visibility.

Success Guaranteed: We know you want to catch fish - lots of fish. Whether you are fishing with us on a salmon charter, a perch charter, or a walleye charter, we guarantee success. In the very unusual event that the fish don‘t cooperate; we will take you fishing again for free. Good memories and your satisfaction are what keep our customers coming back year after year.

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